Who are the Good Looking Roosters?

"Who are they?" we wondered........ with their eye-catching togs, good natured heckling and larrikin ways. We just had to find out.

The Good Looking Roosters (or GLR for short) is a group of friends who first met while studying Exercise Physiology together. Now playing footy for Cottesloe Roosters Football Club the group has become larger and more diverse.

They do not call themselves 'experienced swimmers', even though their biggest accomplishment is swimming the Rottnest Channel Swim. With footy on their mind they say that swimming is all just a bit of fun, but we know better than that. Fun and competition go hand in hand with these larrikins.  

GLR’s Matt Jones came across the event and upon suggesting it to his friends they decided that they had to get involved. Fellow GLR Nic Wroe thought it looked like a good event: “not too far of a swim/run but still a good distance, plus I really wanted to beat the guys as we are quite a competitive bunch.”  And so it came about that Matt, Nic, Mike, Beau and Alix entered the race.

“It was an awesome event, we loved the lap style course. It allowed you to see where you were in the field and also cheer fellow competitors on along the way,” Nic said. “It was competitive race, yet everyone was still able to have a laugh together. This is something you don’t get to see a lot of on race start lines.”

“We were able to get down there nice and early and watch some of the kids racing.  It was great to watch, seeing them get right into the shorter courses you couldn’t help but cheer them on”

“We had a great time on the day. The weather was perfect, the intra-GLR competitiveness was fierce and it was a great event to participate in” 

“We will definitely be back next year.”  

Below L-R : Matt Jones, Michael Hug, Nic Wroe (photo from @wroeyaboat)